Previous Courses

1. Performance Management for Human Resources Officers and Administration Officers of Judiciary of Tanzania held at the Institute of Judicial Administration from 3rd – 8th September, 2017.

2. Training on Leadership and change Management for Deputy Registrars, Court Administrators, and Resident Magistrates March 2017.

3. Training on Modern Records Keeping and Document Management held at the Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto from 03rd – 13th January, 2017.

4. Training for Resident Magistrates-in-charge and Deputy Registrars on Supervisory Powers and Judicial Functions in the Administration of Justice held at Treasury Square, Dodoma from 12th – 14th January, 2017.

5. Workshop for Judges of the High Court for sharing experience on practice, procedure and challenges of criminal trials – held in December 2016.

6. The Institute conducted a short course on Evidence Law in Areas of Corruption and Fraud to Resident Magistrates. The course held at Dodoma from 14th – 24th November, 2016.