Why Studying at IJA

Certificate and Diploma courses are principally taught by using lectures, tutorials and seminar methods. A lecture in which the lecturer addresses the class is fairly formal with a limited amount of class discussion. If you have difficulty in understanding a lecture or wish to raise any questions, you should make arrangements to see the lecturer concerned or raise the points in the seminar.

Members of staff are happy to help students who, because of a different educational background, have difficult in dealing with a particular subject. It is important to make concise notes from your lectures, which will provide a basis for additional study on your own.

In seminars, members of the class are invited to join in discussion of a topic on which they will probably have been asked to prepare some work. All students are argued to contribute to the discussion and you should not be afraid of stating your own views.

After registration you will be provided with class time table.


Each student is allocated one of the members of Academic Staff, who will be responsible for directing, advising or counseling on all matters relating to the academic progress of the student. As a matter of principle, every student is expected to meet his/her personal academic advisor at least once per Semester.


The Department of Judicial and Legal Studies will give you full information on how you will be assessed while courses are in progress (i.e. Course work: written assignment, mid- semester tests, and seminars). It is particularly important that you register and attend all formal assignments and tests. Finally, it is strongly recommended that you read all the information contained in the Regulations that are attached to the Prospectus.


The Institute library stocks all important books and other materials that are tailored to your program. It is important that you establish the custom of reading books and going to library frequently. The library’s Services hours are as indicated in the following table:

Monday – Friday 8.30 a.m. -10.00 p.m

Weekends (Saturday – Sunday) 9.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m

Public Holidays 10:00 a.m – 20:00 p.m

Religious Holidays Closed