Library Information

The Library of the Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto (IJA) was established in 2001 immediately after the establishment of the Institute. The operation of the Library is guided by internal rules and regulations. The Library contains a multitude collection of books, printed journals, newspapers, reported cases from court of Tanzania as well as other legal and non-legal materials. The Library is divided into different sections namely Special Reserve Section, Lending and Reference Section, Issuing desk, Check Point and Resting area.

The Library has a capacity to accommodate 180 users at once. The Library provides services at the following times:

Monday to Friday 08:30hrs to 22:00hrs

Saturday 08:30hrs to 22:00hrs

Sunday 16:00hrs to 22:00hrs

Public holidays 10:00hrs to 20:00hrs

During vacations, the Library opens from 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs.

The Institute’s Library plays a vital role in ensuring the availability of relevant information materials to meet information needs for students and academic staff as well as those interested in Legal Information. It also promotes students independent learning and allowing them to play dynamic and creative roles in their own education. In the near future, the Library is expects to provide its services electronically (E-Library).

IJA E- Library

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