Basic Technician Certificate in Law

Basic Technician in Law –NTA LEVEL 4

The second program offered by the Institute is NTA Level 4 popularly known as the Certificate in Law. It intends to impart basic knowledge of law and practice to students who aspire to take up various clerical duties in public service, the Judiciary or law firms. Its emphasis is particularly on routine tasks of handling and processing of legal documents and performance of other functions that may be assigned by their superiors. In this regard, students will be required to undergo a one- month, supervised field attachment at the end of the first semester.

The following are the modules offered for this program:

Semester I


JLT04101 Basic Records and Information

JLT04102 Introduction to Civil Procedure

JLT04103 Introduction to Criminal Procedure

JLT04104 Basic Communication Skills I

JLT04107 Introduction to Criminal Law

JLT04109 Introduction to Law of Evidence

JLT04111 Introduction to Legal Systems and Constitutional Law

JLT04210 Field Attachment

Semester II


JLT04205 Basic Computer Application

JLT04206 Basic Communication Skills II

JLT04208 Basic Records Management II

JLT04212 Introduction to Family, Customary and Islamic Law

JLT04213 Introduction to Law of Contract

JLT04214 Introduction to Development Studies