Ordinary Diploma in Law


The Ordinary Diploma in Law Program is two- year program taught at two levels: NTA Level 5 and NTA Level 6 consisting of four semesters. The programme aims at equipping students with the knowledge of the general principles of Law and practice and their application in dispute resolution. Although much of the programme is based on the theory, students will be prepared in various practical settings at the campus and through compulsory, supervised field attachment. The programme also lays sound foundation for advanced studies in Law.

The modules offered are the following:

YEAR ONE (NTA Level 5)

Semester I


JLT05102 Communication Skills

JLT05103 Criminal Law

JLT05104 Legal Method

JLT05105 Evidence Law and Practice

JLT05202 Principles of Constitutional Law

Semester II


JLT05106 Civil Procedure and Practice

JLT05201 Criminal Procedure and Practice

JLT05203 Family, Islamic and Customary Law

JLT05204 Law of Contract

JLT05205 Case Management and Case Processes

JLT05206 Record and Petty Cash Management

JLT05207 Legal Communication Skills and Report Writing

JLT05208 Field Attachment

YEAR TWO (NTA Level 6)

Semester I


JLT06101 Introduction to ICT

JLT06106 Judicial Ethics and Practice

JLT06107 Development Studies

JLT06108 Administrative Law

JLT06109 Principles of Human Rights

JLT06111 Introduction to Labour Law and Practice

Semester II


JLT06202 Introduction to Criminology and Penology

JLT06203 Introduction to Law of Torts and Practice

JLT06204 Introduction to Land Law and Practice

JLT06205 Principles of Environmental Law

JLT06210 Principles of Child Law