Message from Principal

The Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto(IJA) has 17 years history of offering continuing judicial education and legal training. Strategically located at the historic town of Lushoto that was established by the Germans in 1890 and by then known as Wilhelm, Lushoto is very diverse in terms of nature, culture, food and scenery. IJA has stood the test of time thanks to the Judiciary of Tanzania, IJA Management, staff and students for their resilience, support, loyalty and dogged deterioration. Our gratitude goes out to our men and women who serve with distinction our esteemed customers across the value chain. We value and treasure the critical role of each one of our employees. From behind-the-scenes artisans, secretaries, cook, examination officers to nurses and doctors, matron, warden, janitor, lecturers and administrative staff, we pride ourselves on the fact that IJA being a premier training institution of the Judiciary of Tanzania has continued to offer quality continuing judicial education and legal training something which has ensured our reliability and relevance to the society that we serve. There is no better way to acknowledge the dedication of our dear students and staff than by saying thank you so much as you have been very instrumental to IJA’s existence.

Each of our staff and student is a brand ambassador, not only for IJA, but also for the judiciary and the legal sector as whole. They are the face of the institute and the legal fraternity and praise is due to them for their hard-work, professional service, selfless and patriotism. They are the lifeblood of our existence.

In a special way we wish also to record our heartfelt appreciation to sponsors of those who participate in continuing judicial and legal education as well as parents and sponsors of our dear students for their continued support by paying the relevant fees. As sponsors and families of our clients we understand that they are part of a greater social network and we value their support. It is due to these collective efforts and support IJA has continued to thrive to the greater heights.

It is our desire to ensure that everyday, our staff dedicate themselves to their duties to ensure that every client has a memorable experience of our services which will earn us accolades for many more years to come.

Welcome on-board for the new comers and always stay in touch with IJA for those of our alumni and anyone who have participated in any of the IJA organized trainings.

Hon. Justice Paul F. Kihwelo (PhD).

The Principal